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What graphics card should i get? Answered

I have a compaq SR1620NX . Right now it has a integrated graphics card (ATI Radeon XPress 200) which sucks. What new card should i get. I'll spend up to 150ish US dollar. Specs: 3 PCI slots 1 PCI Express x16 slot 2ghz processor 1.5 Gb RAM



Best Answer 10 years ago

I personally recommend an nVidia card, from what I've seen they're more stable and have better drivers than ATI (especially if you're a Linux guy like me). Here's a selection from my favorite web site for hardware, Newegg, that fits your price range. Pay attention to memory and stream processors more than clock speeds, as clock speeds can be adjusted after you buy, but you're stuck with the amount of VRAM and stream processors. Also, a PCI-E 2.0 card will work in a standard x16 slot, albeit more slowly (but it's a very small performance hit). Good luck and happy hunting.


10 years ago

I would add to the other members excellent suggestions, that you need to ensure that your computer can handle the power drain. i once added a very nice and expensive graphics card to my parents pc, it was fine, till the processor's in both got going then POP, no more power supply. not hoping to scare, its just a warning.


10 years ago

If you have a favorite game that's graphic intensive, which card do they suggest? I know of a few games that won't run on certain cards or will only run slowly.