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What handmade present can I make my mum for her birthday using household items? Answered

Its my mums birthday on Tuesday, and i have no cash left. So i have to make her lots of handmade presents instead, im already making some salt dough decorations. I have no money so i cant buy anything, please help!! Thanks! please help me its really mortant because y mums really important to me and i love hr s much andshes had a hard time so i justwant to make her bday special!


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8 years ago

If you live where it's sunny, you could hang a bare tree with lots of CD's. They are really happy looking in the sunlight making beautiful colors. You could ask friends and neighbors for their old junk CD's. Take 2 with the labels together, put a 2 foot thread or string through them, tie a knot and hang them on a tree or bush where your mom will see then on her day. I hung a bunch in the garden just because I like the flashes of colors as they spin.