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What happened to Spanish instructables? Answered

hi, i have a question:
What happened to the instructables in Spanish?

Is it true that there was a page of instructables in Spanish?

thanks for reading my question.


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

11 months ago

The pages at Instructables.com are written by its users, that is, by volunteer authors, and the choice for what language to use, for a particular instructable, is made by each by each author individually.

There are some pages in Spanish, en Español, at Instructables.com.

My best guess, as to how to find those pages, is to use a search engine that can restrict results, both to a particular domain (e.g. instructables.com) , and to pages written in particular language (e.g. Spanish).

Google can do this. Start with the page for an "advanced search"


Then, in the box for, "language:" choose Spanish.

Then, in the box for, "site or domain:" type, "instructables.com"

The resulting URL was rather long, with lots of little arguments in it, but I will try pasting it below. But if the link below does not work, well, I explained the steps I used to find it, above.


Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

Reply 11 months ago

Well, the site admins here change things a lot. They are always moving the furniture around.

It looks to me, like 7 years ago, maybe there was a plan to make the site customizable by language, with the addresses for those as two letter language codes, /es/, /en/, /fr/, /de/, following the main site name.


But now those just all re-direct to


or the 404 page.

Possibly the admins were trying to write some functionality into the site, to sort of customize it by language. But then maybe they gave up on it, because it was too hard to maintain. Just a guess.

By the way, the person who wrote that topic,


7 years ago, is user M.C. Langer.


You could try sending him a PM (private message) and asking him, "What happened to Spanish Instructables?"