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What happened to my pequin pepper plant?? Answered

Last year I bought a pequin pepper plant, it was about 50 cm tall, with a lot of small leaves, and it gave a lot of peppers, but this year several weeks ago some really big branches started to grow from it with some big leaves on them, it looks like two different plants.

What is going on? Is it normal? Does it need 
I dont know how to describe it so here are some pictures

(first picture: complete plant)
(second picture: original leaves)
(third picture: new leaves/ branches)


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Best Answer 8 years ago

Is that plant getting enough light. I have a balcony that doesn't get a lot of light and I've noticed that certain plants grew abnormally large leaves and become straggly, I guess to try to get more surface area to absorb sunlight.


8 years ago

This may be a wait and see what happens. If the big branches come from the main plant then it's just feeling good and growing.

If they appear to be separate they may be a foreign plant invader - you will see when it comes to flower and fruit.