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What happened to the Instructable Photo Editor? Answered

When adding photos to an Instructable the photo has a "view/edit" link on the imported photo.  Clicking it used to take you to a photo editor to crop, adjust, color correct annotate, etc.  Now the link only lets you view the photo.

Has the photo editor gone away or is it located somewhere else.  It was so  nice to be able to edit photos via the Instructable website as needed.  




1 year ago

The Pixlr editor was removed from the editor back in February or March I think. I'm not sure entirely the reason behind this but I do know that it was sold (previously an Autodesk product) so that my have something to do with it. As for right now, all image editing needs to be done previous to uploading to your instructable. If you still like Pixlr, you can still use it here: https://pixlr.com/


1 year ago

Go bring this up in Forums under Bugs.