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What happened to the spammers? Answered

I noticed for a few days now that there is basically no spam showing up anymore.
Of course I have no clue if that is coincidence but if not I would like to thank the code monkeys for fixing the spam problem.
Yes, there will be new spam attacks but right now I really like the clean look after a reload - no spam is always good :)


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5 years ago


Pretty nice, huh?!


Reply 5 years ago

That is why I had to ask ;)
Almost feels like holiday season with every spammer enjoying a beach with no internet LOL
Some spam can be helpful as otherwise I would not know that I only need a single product to cure my hair loss, improve my skin, gain muskles and help me sleep ROFL
Anyway, give the code monkeys a big bunch of fresh bananas, they deserve it now!