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What happens if i burn a magnet? Answered

What happens if i burn a magnet? they allways seemed strange in nature, so i was just wondering so i don't have to burn one myself.



Best Answer 7 years ago

A fairy dies.


3 years ago

so, recently just did that, and apperently after burning it like hell, it actually looses its magnetic values! so its not magnetized anymore.


7 years ago

So your getting someone else do it for you. lol


The Dark Lordmonsterlego

Answer 7 years ago

No, i'm just saying somewhere, there is a 25 year old [or so] guy/girl who, in their teens burned a magnet.


7 years ago

I am doing it right now
It did absolutely nothing.
If you get it hot enough it will lose its magnetic pull


7 years ago

If you take a hard drive and put it into a wood stove thats got a nice hot fire going interesting things happen. The aluminum melts and flows around the hot coals. The steal and other metals do not melt because they do not get hot enough. So the magnets remain intact and sometimes get inbeded into the melted aluminum but they are no longer magnets. The heat randomizes the atoms so they no longer form a magnetic field. But it looks really cool. If you mount it on a nice piece of cedar you can give it to a tech person as a trophy celebrating a really bad screwup.

"The melted drive award"

Want to know what happens when you burn a computer?


7 years ago

If you literally burn a magnet, you get a pile of oxidized metal. Nothing special there.

As Ideanator noted (an expounding the point), if you heat it up beyond a certain point, (and presuming that's done outside a strong external magnetic field) it will demagnetize, since the metal is no longer able to hold the alignment of the individual atoms.