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What interest does Autodesk have in Instructables? Answered

Hi, I was wandering why is the Autodesk company interested in Instructables?
I know they bought Instructables, I know they sponsor contests that cost thousands of $ per month, so what do they gain from it?
Just curious, thanks!



Best Answer 5 years ago

See all the really cool projects, they get a "license" to them and can sublicense them to other people (pop sci, make, rat shack) If you got someone with a really cool million dollar idea and they post it on instructables then autodesk has a license to use it.

It may not be the best thing in the world but its certainly better than Google or your buddy Mark Zuckerberg owning it.

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5 years ago

As well as the other answers, it gives them a handle on which way the Maker community (a large part of their customer base) is going.


5 years ago

Building a community of users of their products.