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What is Bridging? Answered

I'm new to Intructables and new to electronics and i'm curious of what bridging is? lol


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14 years ago

Bridging is when, in the process of soldering a connection, too much solder is used. When pulling the iron away from the pool of solder, the solder is pulled over the space intended as a barrier and connects to another trace or pad, hence the term bridging. There are times with bridging is desirable. This is where a "Bridge Pad" is created on a circuitboard. It looks like a round or oval pad cut down the middle. Each half has a trace running into it. To "set" the jumper, one would deliberately bridge solder between the two pads. Modern electronics more commonly use 0Ω (zero ohm) resistors, or jumpers rather than bridges for this type of switch,