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What is Polyurethane Construction Adhesive? (DIY Clamp Question)? Answered

I'm building a wooden clamp, and I've seen people use Polyurethane Construction Adhesive, and I don't know exactly what it is. Of course it's an adhesive, but I can't seem to find the properties that define it...

I also know that it's really expensive, and has a very short shelf life, so I want to maximize my use out of it, if I buy it.

Is it sticky, before and when cured?
When cured, is it brittle like super glue? Hard like epoxy? Fairly soft like Hot-Glue, or very soft like silicone adhesive?
Does it adhere better than most epoxies to wood metal?
Do you think it could glue a threaded to rod to a wooden handle strong enough on a homemade clamp?
Is it the expanding glue?
Do most types stink like crazy? (worse than most Epoxies)
Do you think it is worth the price? Is it that much better than Epoxy?



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Answer 4 years ago

Quite a large number of plastics can be used as glues with various materials.

A glue needs to be liquid enough to creep into pores or gaps or surface scratches and then set hard, some do this by air drying of a solvent, plastics do it by polymerization i.e. a process that forms long cross linked chains between the plastic molecules - the cross linking makes the plastic more rigid. .