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What is a good PCI (E, x16) video card for Dual monitors (extended desktop)I wa? Answered

I want to set up dual monitors on my computer so I can have an extended desktop. The only problems are, is that there are hundreds of video cards (i dont know much about video cards, but I know how to install them) and the other problem is that I dont have an AGP slot on my computer, I have an PCI, a PCIE, and a PCI x16. Can anybody recomend a descent video card for this? Thanks!



Best Answer 9 years ago

because there are so many, it is hard to recommend one. i can give you brands though: use nvidia if your computer is an intel processor and ati if it is an amd processor. I would go for the max video ram possible. It will be able to support the monitor, and will give better performance to games, cad photoshop, and video editing/encoding


9 years ago

Depending on how large you want the monitors to be it might be worth getting a widescreen one. I was thinking of 2 19in monitors for AU$300 then saw a 23in widescreen for AU$200.