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What is a good PVR program for Linux? Answered

I have a Linux compatible TV card from this computer (WinTV), and I was wondering what good PVR programs there are for Linux (openSUSE). Also, is there a good cable "guide" program out there? (It would be best if the PVR and "guide" programs were combined)


-Shadow Ops

While I'm asking Linux questions, what is a good strong firewall for Linux? I need one for a computer I'm using as a firewall to my router.


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Best Answer 11 years ago

MythTV  is the best free open source program I have seen.  The site has all the information you need to get started and there are plenty of others available out there with a google search.

IPCOP is a good Linux firewall, easy to configure and has a lot of extra features you don't usually find on free packages.


10 years ago

if you don't mind setting up another computer, you may want to try the mythbuntu distro, built around myth TV, and for future reference, the guide is also known as the EPG (electronic program guide