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What is a good chip (IC) for audio switching to more than 2 inputs/outputs? Answered

I'm attempting to make my own multi-room audio system. I realize there are paid systems out there, but they get really costly when you go beyond 2-3 rooms. And I'm doing it the old fashioned way of running all the wires to and from one place. The catch is I want to be able to do the switching remotely, ie no buttons or manual switches. I can set up something to send the signals to do the switching, my problem is I'm not sure what is the best way to handle the switching of the audio signals? I've read on a few sites that you can't just use any IC for audio signals. But the ones they recommend are only for 2 way splitting and I obviously need more than that.

The plan is to have 8 inputs and 8 outputs. Only one input can be connected to an output at any time, but it also needs to be able to connect to more than one output (up to all 8) at the same time. And be able to handle other inputs being active and going to other outputs at the same time. Ie I'm listening to music in 3 rooms, and my wife is listening to different music in another at the same time. I go into another room and switch my music to the new room, without interrupting or interfering with what my wife is listening to.

The IC used in this guide seems like a good starting point, but I need something a bit more advanced. I know there's gotta be a better IC out there for doing what I want, I just don't know enough about electronics to know where to begin?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Wireless, wi-fi, streaming, etc. is out of the question because I have yet to see a system that 100% of the time does not have a delay between 2 or more outputs. Hence why I am running wires.

FYI I know basic electronics like what things are and I'm not afraid of soldering. And ofcourse I do plan to put my finished product up here as there is a lack of any mult-room audio projects.


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9 years ago

Weeeellll, there are chips like the MAX4910 and MAX4744. They're pretty good.