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What is a good laptop to buy at a good price? Answered

I am trying to save up for a laptop, and I'd like to know where I can get a pretty good one at a decent price (can't buy off eBay or Amazon). I want one with at least 4GB of RAM and a hard drive with at least  200GB. Does anyone know where to get one on the cheap and how much it costs?



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Best Answer 11 years ago

Here's what you do, take a sheet of paper and make two columns.  At the top of one column, pencil in the amount of money you have to spend.  In the other column, write down all the features, software and goodies you want with it.
Go to Google.com and Bing.com and search for "laptops for sale."
Select several units that interest you and then search for independent reviews of each machine and the retailer. Consider the results carefully and then make a purchase.


Answer 11 years ago


"good unit at good price" is totally open.

For the price, a netbook is probably very good at what it does.  For the price, a high end gaming system will probably perform based on its cost.

As Burf says, go on reviews on multiple sites for multiple units from multiple brands.  Decide what features you want, what you need, and what you can afford.  If you can't afford it, save up longer.  Screen size, quality, peripherals, speed, keyboard (big factor for me), location of connectors (you might want the power connector on one side, or the back-angled plug or straight.  Nitpick, because you're stuck with it once you buy it).

**as 4gig of ram goes, thats cheap these days
**as HDD goes, 500+ gig is not hard to accomplish for cheap either.

Lastly; Go to a big box store and try them out.  TYPE a few sentences to see if the keyboard is awesome, or gruesome.  I bought my laptop purely based on the keyboard (all other specs were relatively on par with similar units). 


11 years ago

Probably a good used one, if price is important to you. It won't be fast, it won't have the lastest features, but it'll work and they're affordable.

Some laptops won't take more than 3GB of RAM -- they just don't have physical space for it -- so if that's essential to you, it may cut your search down considerably.

Ditto, most machines shipped with disks closer to 80GB than to 200GB. Unless you're going to be handling massive amounts of uncompressed multimedia files, you probably don't actually need the 200GB.

Actually, if specs and price are your top concerns, I'd suggest punting the idea of a laptop and getting a desktop machine. CRT monitors are a glut on the market these days, and fairly high-powered desktops are down around the $350 range if you shop around. And desktops are cheaper to expand than laptops.