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What is a good schematic for a multimeter with an attiny85v and some 7 segment leds? Answered

I want to make a multimeter out of an attiny85v, and some 7segment leds for a 12volt power supply that I made, I would like it to measure from 0.0V to 12.0 volts, with an accuracy of .1 volts. Anyone know any good circuits?

EDIT: This is what I am looking for, except the author has not included any code http://fedetft.wordpress.com/2010/10/02/digital-voltmeter-for-power-supply/


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8 years ago

1. you don't really need the processor.

2. These are so cheap you will be better off buying unless you live in a VERY remote part of the world.

3. You need to research how a Volt meter Amp meter and resistance meter work.

hint all you need are a load of high tolerance resistors.

If you looking for a digital multimeter then I would still buy one.


Answer 8 years ago

I thought about buying one, but I would rather build this one. I have several already, this one is for a variable power supply I built. I want to be able to see the voltage without getting my multimeter out, and to power it from the supply.