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What is a good way to make a 3d game? Answered

I have the skill to be able to make 3d models  and scenes, create a storyline and do texturing, but what is a easy / free / cheap method to make a decent game?

i was thinking about a first person shooter type game, but all of the FPS game makers out there that i have tried didn't give me enough freedom to make it the way i wanted to. i have listed the ones i have tried and the reasons i didn't like them:
-Sauerbraten-Too hardware reliant, runs very slow on a good pc-cant import my own models
-Silent Walk-bad method of level creation, can only make 'rough' looking levels
-Retribution Engine-Wont run on newer pcs (maybe just needs a nvidia card not ati?)
-3drad- need to pay to use it, doesn't exactly run nicely, and importing new enviroments is a pain
-Fps creator free-very buggy, doesn't run on many computers

so what is a good way to make a 3d game?
I am looking at microsoft XNA, but what else? (just not flash or macromedia)

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Best Answer 10 years ago

First the best program for making 3d models is "3d Max 2010" , that I think you know it .

After for making 3d games there is a few great programs I worked with them :

- Unity 3d : If you know 3d Max , it's easy for you . The tutorials are complete and you can learn it for making 3d games in one month . Also you can make 2d games with Unity .

- Unreal Engine : A high program for making high graphic games , learning isn't easy , but it's very great if you learn .

- Cry Engine : The highest 3d game program , the explanations are like Unreal Engine . "Crysis 2" made by this program !

Also there are easier and simpler programs for make 3d games like "3d Studio Engine"

If you know 3d enough , go to for learn great programs .


4 years ago

i suggest you to use 3Ds Max and Unity to make such game, this software could be downloaded for free on izofile.com