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What is a process that can be run on a computer cluster that displays the time taken? Answered

For my science project this year I need a process that can be run on a computer cluster and that displays how long it took to process. The time needs to remain fairly constant yet be accurate enough to display variations in processing power. For example, let’s say that there is a computer with 4 GHz of processing power. if i were to repeat the same process multiple times then the time taken would be something like 2346765.4567865676 seconds the first time and 2346765.4567865681 the second time, so it would only slightly vary each time. if the processing power would change to 3.95 GHz then the time would change to 2346765.45679 so that variations in the processing power would be evident in the time taken. These are just examples and the values have nothing to do with my actual project but i need something to process with these characteristics. Please ask if clarification is needed.



7 years ago

A common way to benchmark processing power is to get a FPS measure of a 3D graphic game.
Otherwise run an intensive job like video-conversion over a longer period of time.



Answer 7 years ago

for my project i would need something very constant to measure processing power so that two tests with the same independent variable measure would yeild the same results but small changes in processing power (dependent variable) would be noticable. would video conversion work like this? if so, how long would it take and what program would you suggest?


7 years ago

If the cluster is a unix system, use the "time" command to find out how long the job took.

If it is not, you need to give more information about the system.