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What is a wire with high resistance that can be found around a household that can be easily heated using 9-72 volts? Answered

science project. I am trying to use a coil of wire to blow heat off the wire into a room that is roughly 26cm by 16cm

So far have used thin copper wire with a 9 volt battery. No success(heat) D=


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11 years ago

Basically how a heating element works is by passing a current threw a weir and the part of the circuit that gets the hottest is the part with the highest resistance hence the term high resistance weir. your problem most likely was that you used a copper weir with to little resistance while the battery had to high of a resistance so the battery got hot.. What I suggest is that you get an incandescent flashlight bulb then carefully brake the glass to get the filament, remember to use half of the original voltage or less to prevent the weir from oxidizing. If your entering a science fare or something of the sort then I suggest that you learn about ohms law before starting this project.