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What is an easy way to remove parts from a board? Answered

how can i remove parts from a circuit board without damaging it?



9 years ago

What do you mean by "IT"? Do you mean without damaging the BOARD or the PART??? If you dont mind damaging the board, you could use a small flame under the board to heat up all the connections at once and just pull the part out. If you want to minimize board damage, the best method is a SOLDER SUCKER. But using one takes a bit of skill and practice. Sometimes, using a solder sucker you will have difficulty heating the terminal enough to liquify it for "sucking" . when that happens, it helps to actually add MORE SOLDER to the joint and then try the solder sucker again. Also, adding some FLUX to the joint can help. Some joints have large surface area, and a small iron will not heat it up enough. In those cases, you must use a very LARGE solder iron of maybe 75 watts.


9 years ago

It depends upon how many electrodes.
Resistors & cap's are easy, what is giving you a problem?



9 years ago

A soldering iron with desoldering braid, or a solder-sucker works OK on resistors and the like. We use a big electric hot air gun.