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What is the Deal with this Original Xbox Controller? Answered

Well, I picked up this controller for incredibly cheap at a yard sale, but then when I got home, I noticed the plug was circular as oppose to my Xbox's Oval-ey female plugs. And the Controller looks legit enough, it has all of the Microsoft and Xbox markings, it's just the older style of controller. Could anyone explain this to me? Greatly Appreciated!



Best Answer 8 years ago

What you are looking at is the "Break Away" feature that is on all of the Xbox controllers. You are missing the part of that cable that then connects to that and then in turn plugs into your Xbox. You can find them by doing a quick google search for "Microsoft Xbox Break Away Cable Replacement". Hope this helps.


8 years ago

I think that's the connector to a game cube controller. Someone must have wanted to use there xbox controller on there game cube so they changed the connector.