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What is the best air dry paint to permanently paint details on a stained glass project? Answered

I am a stained glass artisan.  I am working on a project where I need to add some detail to a few of the pieces on the panel I am constructing.  The detail I want to add to 5 of the pieces cannot be added using traditional stained glass techniques.  Specifically, I need to draw a few short black lines on the 5 pieces.  I want the lines to be a permanent part of the stained glass panel.  Also, I cannot bake the pieces to cure the paint; hence, the paint must be air dried cured.  

What type of paint should I use?  Are there special techniques in applying the paint? How long, after application of the paint, does it take to completely cure the paint?

I really appreciate your help.



2 years ago

There are laser-paints which are set onto glass with a laser beam, they form glass enamels, and are truly permanent. The resulting glass is stil cold to the touch after the process.


2 years ago

For black and really permanent I would mix some black iron oxide with epoxy glue or resin plus maybe a thinner.
Problem with "permanent" in your case is that you need perfect adhesion that won't fail due to temp or moisture changes.
For some projects on glass I used an ink transfer method:
Printed in really black with the laser printer onto some baking paper the (mirrored) image was placed on the pre heated glass and fixed in place by pressing and rubbing.
For larger pieces I heated the glass in the oven to about 100°C and used a hot iron set to cotton to trnsfer the image onto the glass.
Just not 100% how permanent this way is.
Cheating is also possible on glass:
Using quality ink and a good ink jet printer you can create you artwork on clear transfer film and simply glue this print onto the glass, or to wrap it around the peice before putting in place.