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What is the best design for an electromagnet in a pulse engine? Answered

I am a complete bigger to all magnets, electromagnets, and electronics in general. Recently I've had an interested in different electric motors and have been looking into trying to make a pulse motor that is both efficient and powerful. To do this I want to be able to have the best arrangement of the magnetic fields of the neodymium magnets on the spinning disk and the electromagnets on the outside. I started playing around with the magnetic calculator found on https://www.kjmagnetics.com/calculator.asp but I don't really know what I'm looking at, just that different shapes and sizes have different fields and strengths. 

Since a pulse motor is built by using an electromagnet to repel a neodymium magnet, what would be the best design for a strong burst electromagnet in the direction it's repelling the neodymium magnet? Also, what would be the best shape for the magnet to have the biggest repelling effect from the pulsing electromagnets? 


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