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What is the best method to peal back window tint when installing on an auto? Answered

Seperatin Window tint



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11 years ago

The best way to get the film on right is to clean the glass very good with window cleaner and news paper (do not use towels with lint) then spray the glass down with dish sope and water mix get it very wet and then spray the back side (side that goes on the glass) very wet. Then put the film on the glass and with the sope and water mix you will be able to move the film around to get it in the right spot. Then take a hard peice of plastic ( maybe a credit card) and start in the middle of the window and start pushing the water and air bubbles out in all differant directions until it is all layed down right. TIP: Always cut the film at least 1 to 2 inches oversize in all directions before trying to put it on. TIP 2 The soap and water will allow you to move the film around and give you extra time to work with. TIP 3 DONOT roll the windows down for AT LEAST 24 HOURS then with a very sharp blade you can then trim the glass out from the extra film. There you go your set