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What is the best program to use for drawing/planning projects in 3d? Answered

    What I want to do is design a project in some kind of 3d program. I googled different programs but couldn't really find what I envisioned. I tried sketch-up but was looking for something a little different im having trouble controlling witch axis im drawing on. I don't care what operating system it runs on. The program this guy used looks cool does anyone know anything about it http://picasaweb.google.com/catalin.art/ProiectLicenta# Also its not a requirement but it would be nice if in the future there was a way to send the files to a cnc.
ps.To anyone who has made a map for counter strike you know how u had those views of different axis I liked that.



Best Answer 8 years ago

That program is "Autocad Inventor". It costs about $5,000. If you're a student you might be able to get a student version for $1.500.

But if you're having trouble controlling the axis in sketchup then you will have more trouble in Inventor.

Learn it in sketchup then move up to a more complicated program.


8 years ago

Although I'm a long time fan of Autocad, (I own a license for Autocad 2000 and have been using Autocad since version 2, back in the mid 1980s, if that's any measure of my fandom -too poor to upgrade these days) the one I see most often used by ID folk (industrial designers) or called for in employment posts in the US is Solidworks. It's not cheap.

Steve and Re-design have both outlined the other two big players. Alibre is far less expensive than either Autocad or Solidworks.

FWIW, I don't know of anything in the free category that compares with any of these.


8 years ago

Try Alibre Design: Personal edition, from

I can do things in Alibre in seconds that I struggled for hours with in Sketch-up.