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What is the best way to clean or wash the screen on a rear projection television. Answered

The screen on my Toshiba model TP50G50 television made in 1997 needs to be cleaned. There are some streaks and stains on the screen and my attempts at cleaning it in spots seems to make it worse. Are there any specific cleaning products available that I can use to clean the screen?



10 years ago

The manufacturer will say "a soft damp cloth" or something to that effect. Water only. Now of course, I realize that's not exactly enough to cut it after 12 years. You can buy screen cleaners (almost anywhere that sells monitors or TVs), eyeglass cleaners (at the eyeglass or drug store), or ordinary window cleaner. If you're using window cleaner, dilute it with distilled water (almost any bottled water will do). To do this, simply spray a few times into a paper cup and then add roughly as much water. You can also try a 50/50 mixture of distilled water and vinegar. Whatever cleaner you choose... use a clean terry cloth rag to apply and then gently wipe off. Try to use a dry, clean portion of the rag for each stroke. Avoid paper towels. The inside of the screen probably should NOT be cleaned, but if you have done so already and wish to correct any previous mistakes... buy a manufacturer-recommended cleaner from your nearest entertainment-electronics store and follow the instructions very carefully.