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What is the best way to consume guarana seed powder? Answered

I recently bought 50g of guarana seed powder so use as a flavoring agent and caffeine source for my own energy drink. As i sadly discovered, Energy drinks such as red bull , rockstar and V dont actually use guarana, they use a synthetic substitute which tastes just like the seeds when prepared carefully to avoid being spoiled, aka, guarana flavoring. Then they add a small amount of guarana extract for the guranaine , a slow releasing form of caffeine which makes it last longer than caffeine alone.

Anyway, i have my guarana seed which was improperly produced resulting in it becoming extremely bitter and completely losing its normal guarana flavour. What is the best way to consume the amounts i need to get a decent boost in the start of the day, i really do need it for work, i have a new job as a labourer, laying turf, and in a day ill lay several tonnes of grass, which takes up allot of energy, especially in 80-100 humidity at roughly 30-33 celcius.

whats the best way to take my guarana seed powder, its fully dry and super fine, but also extremely bitter and foul tasting, like a half teaspoon of  pure caffeine inside a mouthfull of cinnamon powder .

Any ideas on how to mask the taste?



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Best Answer 8 years ago

If Pineapple juice will mask the flavor of 151 Rum, I'm pretty confident it will mask the flavor of the guarana powder.

I'd try a Smoothie with 2-3 parts Pineapple juice and 1 part Almond milk, then add the powder and wiz-bang the concoction in a blender.

Good luck! ;-)


6 years ago


Guarana really has a bitter taste, this is normal. Take care about the source you bought from. Not always guarana powder is pure due to high price.

Average consume about 5g per day taken in the morning. You have to figure out in accordance with your physical conditions. Don't use it if you have any heart problems or high blood pressure. Use it with Yoghurt or any juice to cover the bitter taste.

This is from Brazil, the origin of guarana.

Good luck


8 years ago

Guarana will provide a boost of mental alertness, not the physical you require.If you are going to labor this hard for a long time bulking up the night before on complex carbohydrates(pasta) will be the ticket.
Good Luck