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What is the best way to cut an semi circle at the end of a flat piece of steel? Answered

I have a a 100mm wide piece of flat steel and i want to cut a perfect semi circle at the end of the steel to make it look nice. I dont have a plasma cutter and im wondering how to get the perfect semi circle shape.



The Skinnerz

Best Answer 6 years ago

Just measure 50mm in from the end and sides, and plat a circle at that point. You can then roughly cut around it with whatever you have around, then finish by hand with a suitably large file.

legend4930The Skinnerz

Answer 6 years ago

Yeah I was thinking of marking the center like you said and then use a compass scribe and mark a semi circle and then use the angle grinder to cut close to the line leaving a 1mm and then finish of with a file.


1 year ago

100mm wide is close to 4",
bu you make no mention of thickness.

Up to an eighth of an inch you could use a metal cutting blade in a saber saw on a compass-scribed line.

Over an eighth, and up to about three inches, probably cut close w/oxy-acet cutting torch, then dress up w/right angle grinder, or disc sander for really perfectamundo right angle.