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What is the best way to go about painting a metal desk? Answered

I recently picked up an old all steel office desk for use in my own house. I have been trying to paint it with mixed results and will be starting over. It used to have a baked on paint finish but I had stripped and sanded all of that off. I primed and painted it but when I went to put a protective layer on it the desk seemed to eat it, leaving me with a dull rough surface that did not protect at all. I used rustoleum spraypaint in everything, from the primer to the enamel. (I had tried to use laquer before the enamel because I had it my head that was correct.) So far I haven't had any luck in finding any real instuctions from start to finish for painting on metal and am just looking for anyhelp in getting the desk to look nice and have a good even protective surface. Thanks



10 years ago

Talk to your local auto body shop and 1ask what they'd recommend? Being able to do a nice clean and weatherproof paint job is a large part of their business... Heck, someone set up for it might be willing to do it for you for a reasonable price. (It's possible to get a car painted for $300, if you are willing to accept a sloppy job -- and what's a sloppy job for a car should be fine for a desk.)