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What is the best way to pull in a High Definition signal with just a standard plan antenna (Rabbit Ears or Outside)? Answered

I would like to pull in a High Definition signal well enough so the picture doesn't freeze. I'm using HD rabbit ears?



11 years ago

Good luck. The only way I know how to do that is to install an in-line amplifier to boost the signal to the TV. Raising the antenna away from internal house wiring, a larger antenna (within reason) for more capture area may help as well, but you can over-do it. Multi-band antennas have elements that are different sizes (corresponding to the different channels) that your 'rabbit ears' do not have. With all of the hype that HDTV is making, and marketing types trying to sell you DTV/HDTV antennas, you can honestly just search here on this website for DIY Antennas for DTV/HDTV.