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What is the best way to tile on a wood surface? Answered

I have an older home with a built in wood linen cabinet in the hallway.  It has 2 doors on top and 2 doors on bottom for linens but the middle section is open.  Usually used to just set decorations on it.  It is painted white which continues to get scraped up.  It needs to have something done and I thought tile is the best.  I will only be putting decorations on it.  It is wood on all four sides with a small lip extending about an inch on the front of it.  Seems like I could tile it on all four sides much like a back-splash on a kitchen counter.  How could I do this so it looks great?  This will be my first tile job.



8 years ago

I glued quarry tiles to sheetrock and plywood as a fireproof surround for my wood stove. For my first try I used the mastic that the company said was the right thing to use. Turns out they were wrong. It dried so slowly that the tiles slowly fell off the wall. Fortunately I didn't have to many break. For the second attempt I used Liquid nails, a construction adhesive. Many years later they are still there. There is a trick to doing it though. You spread the adhesive on and stick them in place, then pull them back off and let the glue start to dry. When it gets tacky then put them back in place and they will hold.


8 years ago

Normal tile glue should do fine. Worst case you could use silicone sealer or one of the gun type builders glues.

Start in the middle so any cut tile go at the edges. You can get tiles with a bevelled edge for finishing the edges or put a wooden bead round it and set the tiles inside that.