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What is the cheapest way to sound dampen a closet? Answered

My girlfriend has an amazing voice, but we live in a packed apartment complex.
Luckily, we live in a corner room, and the master bedroom has a closet which does not face any other apartments.
The Closet is:


Length: 8 1/3ft
Width: 5 ft
Height: 8 ft

I bought her The "M-Audio Delta 1010 LT".
She has "Pro Tools" and a nice condenser Mic (Samson C01) on a shock mount with a pop filter.
She also has a midi keyboard Casio CTK 573
and an acoustic guitar (Ibanez EW20ZWENT)  W/ midi output.

I figure the only thing were missing for decent recording is sound acoustical dampening or the likes.
Any suggestions?

Note: I am not looking to spend lots of money, as the card was already above my price range :/
I am not not very musically literate, so i really appreciate in advance your patience, knowledge, creativity, and time!
-Please Please Please Instructables Community, I will forever be in your debt if you can help me with this!


Boba Jett

4 years ago

Hi, I am a techy. Ive always used egg boxes stuck to the walls with cello tape. and stick lots of cushions and blankets in the room as they absorb sound fantastically :) Hope this helps


9 years ago

Figured it out. Saved sponge protective padding from hundreds of bboxes at work, made sound dampening panels. Built small isolation pocket for condenser, hung blankets from rods across door side wall.
Thanks for the advice!


9 years ago

Hang, drape or suspend blankets, quilts or carpeting on the walls, ceiling and doors.   With 3/4" pvc sprinkler pipes, you can make a frame to wedge or hang the free materials.