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What is the circuit board inside a ridgid battery pack used for? Answered

I have a ridgid impact that stops working when i guess the circuit board senses theres to much load. im trying to disable that problem? ide like to remove the board from the battery pack but my question is. How does the charger know when the battery is charged? does the charger know or does it have to get feedback from the battery? Thanks



7 years ago

My 18v Skil battery packs each have a small circut board inside them. These batteries have their own charge meters so I'm sure that is what most of it is for. I have wondered if these might also tell the charger when the battery pack is full?


8 years ago

May do any/all of the following:
If nicad:
-detect high temperature
-detect high/low charge and cutoff
-regulate charge current/max voltage
-detect high current and cutoff
-devious 'time bomb' circuit that after a given number of charges, simply kills the battery so you have to buy another one.

if lithium:
-all of the above
-detect high/low voltage and cutoff to prevent self-destruction in horrible fire
-same time bomb, but more for safety, lithium gets messy when it ages.

-may have proprietary code to prevent counterfeit batteries being used.
-may allow drill 'brain' to know how much charge remains for a display

The battery probably won't work without it.


Answer 8 years ago

Ok Thanks i notice that some other brands of batteries do not have this board in them but i think those may be nicd. this is a lithium pack as u guessed..i just wish i could figure a way around it..just like u said its playing games for me to buy a new pack.. i can check the voltage at 18v on the batteries but when i check it above the board were it connect to the drill it only shows 12v.


Answer 8 years ago

The most important line in there is 'the device probably won't work without it' and addendum 'will be very unsafe without it' since its lithium.

How old is it/how many uses? If its new, get warranty service, if its old, it's bunk, and I recommend STRONGLY against modifying the battery.


Answer 8 years ago

Wow, you have had a few scraps with them PEPS ! !
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