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What is the difference between an in line 6 car engine and a v6 car engine in terms of performance? Answered

I currently own a 1989 Mercedes 260 e series and it has a in line 6 engine under the hood. I was wondering what the difference between an in line 6 and a v6 are in terms of performance like efficiency and horsepower.


Quercus austrina

Best Answer 7 years ago

In terms of performance, generally, the straight 6 is designed for torque while the V6 can be made to be a real performer, horsepower wise.

Efficiency wise, the V6 is easier to make more efficient as they have many more aftermarket parts and they are much more on the cutting edge than the old in-line engine.

That's the bare bones version.



7 years ago

The V6 gives a smoother engine because the pistons are better balanced. Must be a performance reason for F1 engines being V's.