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What is the difference between types of film?? Answered

Could you tell me the difference between ultraviolet film (or is the the same as regular film just using an ultraviolet filter) and inferred? I have seen instructables about turning your camera into inferred or ultra violet cameras. I know nothing about this subject.



9 years ago

Infrared and Ultraviolet films are two totally different film types. Getting results from UV and IR film also requires using very dark, Visible light blocking filers. Using these filters basically negate the functioning of any kind of Autofocus or Metering inside the camera, so its best to use an older manual SLR camera with Infrared focal marks on the lens. You can also achieve IR photography with a digital camera by removing the "Hot Mirror" filter off your imaging sensor. best way would be to send your camera to places that do this for you for a fee. You also have to use a tripod, and the film needs longer exposure times. You have to pretty much order IR 35mm film from the internet anymore, and its not a C-41 process film, so you need to send it to someone that can develop that film. As for UV 35mm film, good luck. finding any. IR films are 10 times more rare then IR films anymore.


Answer 9 years ago

Thank you. I was just confused about the difference.