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What is the difference of a taser to a stun gun? Answered

I think people would easily say the difference is that a taser shoot projectiles and shock them. I dont think that is it.

I heard the difference is that a stun gun is a "pain complaince weapon" and that a taser is a "immobilizing weapon". Stun gun hurts and tasers make you immobilized.

How does a taser achieve that? It shoots 2 projectiles and the body acts like a condutor trying to pass that current. If you use a stun gun the 2 electrodes are too close so the current need to pass only a small amount of your body. That is what I think, can anyone confirm that? I think that is why it only hurts.

What if I took a stun gun and made the electodes to be very far apart?  Like take two wire and make a person hold in each hand a wire, then I would turn the stun gun on.  Would that work like a taser? So the current passes the whole body and not only a tiny spot.

I hope it makes sense to someone.

Thank you


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The Skinnerz
The Skinnerz

10 years ago

I believe a stun gun is designed to give a single large jolt to knock out or immobilise the target, while a taser gives a constant stream of smaller pulses to cause involuntary muscle spasms, rendering the target unable to fight back.

stun guns appear to be mainly designed like a cattle prod with two electrodes on the end, while a taser shoots the electrodes into the target on some fine wires.

You can make a tazer by repeatedly connecting then disconnecting the low voltage side of a decent sized (with lots of windings) transformer, and attatching the leads from the high voltage side to the subject. If you can get a 2 or 3 mm spark between the high voltage leads, it should work. For more info on setting this up, see how an ignition coil works. I know from experience that this works, as even with a watch battery connected, it gives a fair kick.

Tasers work as the body uses electrical signals to control the muscles, and the pulses from the tazer are far stronger than this, so the body looses control of the muscles.

hope this helps.

(obviously, this may interfere with the heart or pacemakers of used incorrectly)