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What is the duration of Instructibles login sessions Answered


I visit the Instructables website about 2-3 times per month (every 10 days or so), and it seems like EVERY time I do I need to login again.

Even "Amazon" - and they're a commercial site - is better at "remembering me than Instructables.

This is not actually a technical problem, but more of a question about Instructables policy (and also, it's a site complaint).

(I can almost guarantee someone's going to misread my question so I'll say again... NOT a request for help. Yes I have cookies and JS on, and yes I'm using a good browser, Chrome.)

It seems like I have to login every 4-7 days, possibly sooner, which is fracking annoying.
If  there a better place to post site feedback, please be gentle, I did not find it before posting.  Thanks.
(And despite my complaint, I love love love this website, it's in my top 5 favorites).


The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments.

5 years ago

You are right the constant new loging can be annoying.
I have to do it to, about once every 6 months when I change computers.
Jokes aside, check your browser settings and of you have the settings for your security suite.
Website forgetting the login means your system is no longer remembering it.
As an alternative you can also get programs to staor your login details on a USB stick.
Works with every computer then, not just your own.


5 years ago

It's your own computer that remembers your log-in details, not the website.

The only times I need to log in are when I have cleared my cache, or when the site has had a major update.