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What is the easiest way to make a cob house? Answered

I am trying to make a cob house. I've got clay, sand, hay, straw, and some concrete. i need to know how to make a foundation and drainage system. I have about a 3 and a half month window to complete this house. I want it to me circular and about 14 feet across. More of a cottage than a house but, still big enough for two small cots, a table, and possibly a dresser and a fire pit.



Best Answer 10 years ago

It depends on the drainablility of your land. I live in a place with pretty chilly winters and pretty harsh summers, but mostly chillly. So, I would normally use a drainage system that works below the frost line. You would dig a hole where all the walls would be, about a foot or two wide, and add medium sized pebbles and drainage pipe. Lay the pipes down to where the land changes elevation (downward) and the water will drain there. But, if your soil is NOT compatible with such a drainage system, the best way to prep your foundation is to install a Swedish Foundation, which uses foam to bend the frostline, because the people there live in permafrost. I realized this was my friend and we were working on the same project after I had typed half of this, so meh.


9 years ago

Look at the website Caemabon. This is a eco village in Wales. We stayed last summer in the Cob Cottage. Fantastic. Good luck.