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What is the funniest prank you have ever played on someone? Answered

So, What is the funniest prank you have ever played on someone? Mine was on my cousin with his new car. He was bragging for like a month that it is the best and will never break down. So, I siphoned out the gas and rigged an m-80 and a really big smoke bomb to a remote det. i had. His heart probably stopped when he heard the pop and saw the smoke in his new car. priceless.



10 years ago

Persuaded a younger kid in primary school that there were pterodactyls living in the stream at the bottom of the playground... we made scratches ("claw marks") in threes on tree branches, little scraps of skin caught on thorns out of leaves and mud, and even some "eggs" (round stones warmed up in the sun all afternoon and put in a nest made of grass). We kept it up for about 2 days.. just so we could shout "gullible!" at him.

Oh what fun we had
But at the time it seemed so bad
All I learned in school
Was how to persuade credulous children that extinct lizards were living in close proximity to their school somehow without them ever noticing


10 years ago

rewire the time switch in a staircase so that the light is on all the time and goes off when you click the switch (normally clicking the switch is like 'give me more time of light')

plug the drain pipe in air conditioner systems so they begin to drip water from the vents after some hours

replace all the starters (in fluorescent lights) in a class room with bad ones. when you turn on the light all lamps glow in the ends as if they are bad

hide a smoke bomb inside a computer and connect it to the power supply

connect diodes to incandescent lightbulbs all over a room. it makes them flicker and drive people mad

trip rcd again and again at the moment one plugs in a soldering tool in our electronics class (i watch him from another place in the room and stick a capacitor into the socket at the exact moment he plugs in the tool. he kinda wtf are all those suddenly bad ?!?! they worked ok 2 hours ago)

take screenshot of the desktop in a library computer running windows. boot a linux live cd on it and display the screenshot in fullscreen with the image viewer

download picture of a blue crash screen from the internet and open it in full screen

'upgrade' the windows xp computers to vista / 'infect' them with virus / 'break' them with critical sysem error / etc using the same technology

make an audio cd with 35 min silence and then the tune of the bell in school (its a tune chip that plays some squarewave melodies). put it in a player and hide it all inside the ceiling in a class room

strech 2 parallel bare conductors under the end of the desk (so you touch them if you catch the end of the desk with ur hand) and connect to charged camera flash capacitor

connect the filling pipe of a toilet flush tank (after the float and valve) to a sprayer and aim it out from inside thru a small crack in the cover of the tank

replace a shower head with a garden sprinkler (at school trip)

drill a chalk and stick a head of strike anywhere match into it + add some gunpowder

post a message that includes [img]http://example.net/logout.php[/img] in a forum that does not check validity of images

few attempts to make people quit smoking - involving gunpowder and gasoline and small capacitors charged at high volt (hidden in the filter of the cigarette)

light a cigarette from the other end to a guy that was smoking near me (standing with the back to me and holding a cigarette behind his back)

countless buckets of water above doors / brooms leaning against closed doors from inside / etc (including water electricity and pyro)


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You did all those? Wow...