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What is the going opinion of refurbished cell phones? Answered

Just curious to hear any horror stories or good luck with your purchase of a refurbished cell phone.
I had a sales person tell me "your only purchasing somebody's problem"......and he's out of a sale!
What was the product?


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Best Answer 11 years ago

The answer is the same as for any other refurb product: Make sure you're dealing with a highly reputable company, make sure they offer an adequate warranty, test the heck out of the thing during the warranty period and if it doesn't perform up to spec insist they repair, replace, or refund.

Personally, I wouldn't consider it except from the phone network (who have every motivation to want you to have a good phone so you'll make more calls!) or the phone's manufacturer (who want you to be happy so you'll buy their phones in the future).

On the other hand... Except for a high-end phone, I suspect the savings aren't significant when you compare them to the cost of the service. Then again, I'm highly bimodal -- I have a $25 basic flip-phone which I'm entirely happy with (no camera, but some companies are much happier if you aren't carrying cameras onto their site without explicit permission), and I'm not likely to upgrade until and unless I'm convinced that it's worth putting a phone and a palmtop computer into a single box.


11 years ago

I bought a nokia 6126 from AT&T probably around 3 years ago, and it worked for the year that I used it (I didnt get service in the bahamas, and after 3 months they deactivated it) When it came it had some minor bumps and scratches on it but that was about it. The biggest problem with refurbishe (they may have fixed this by now) is the fact that if the prior owner has set passwords you have no way to reset the phone. This happened with me and when I called them up they said they couldn't help me. The savings on the particular phone I bought were around 60 dollars, so I thought it was a good deal. I'd go with refurbished, and you can always return it if you don't like it!