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What is the gross cost of making lignin water-soluble for a certain quantity(1 litter)? Answered

Making lignin water soluble is is hard task. It involves a handsome cost. Plz tell me the cost for this. Or idea regarding cost.


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7 years ago

There is a great deal of information on the lignin molecule on the web if you care to search.

One of the most organized is the International lignin Institute .

Why you want to make it water-soluble when in plant biology one of the primary
lignin functions is to resist water acting as a structural pipe support
I have difficulty comprehending ?

Of the huge multitude of lignin products there are applications in :
  • dyestuffs
  • electrolytes
  • water-softening
  • micro nutrients
  • HIV inhibition
  • vitamins
That are perhaps water solubility related.

If you pursue lignin chemistry there may be a process you can find to accomplish your desires !