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What is the max volume and size (assuming max width of 34" and height of 14") cube you can make with a 4' by 8' board? Answered

I'm trying to design a sobwoofer box. I have a single sheet of plywood (and some smaller wood for a skeletal structure) and want to utilize as much of the wood as I can. By my estimate a single sheet cannot create enough volume for my speakers (believed to need 0.6 cu/ft to 1.25 cu/ft according to Alpine but online sub box calculators say it should be 7.9 cu/ft.



Best Answer 7 years ago

If you cut the board as the image below, the box which you could make is close enough to 7.9 cuFt.



7 years ago

You should be able to get 8 2ft X 2ft panels out of a sheet of plywood, not counting the small loss from the saw blade. If the wood is 3/4" thick, then the actual internal dimensions would be 22.5" on each side of the cube, for an internal volume of 6.6 cu ft. So, you would come up a bit short of your desired 7.9 cu ft.

There's quite a difference between the Alpine estimate and the calculators. I would double check the all the calculations, and see if 6.6 is acceptable for your needs.

If the shape does not have to be strictly a cube, you could make better use of the sheet of plywood, and attain the 7.9 cu ft.


Answer 7 years ago

i actually meant to remove the word 'cube'. :( I've decided to just go with the Alpine manual's estimate. Only problem now is I still can't find any good notes on putting 2 subs in the same box. (Like if they need to be separated or if I need to double the volume.) Probably just gonna do the 1.25 box for now with just one speaker.