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What is the most accurate/inaccurate knex gun on the market Answered

Hello everyone i was wondering what is the most inaccurate and accurate knex gun out there i personly made a pistol that when fired kicks up for the front then fires out the bullet at an inaccurate level. Now your probably wondering "Why the hell would you make an inaccurate pistol?" and Im here to tell you that I did it just for fun

Now you can share your most inaccurate and/or accurate knex guns that you and/or somebody else made. Aslo, no hating this is supposed to be fun. So enjoy.



7 years ago

Innacurate has to be the catapult pistol, unfirtunate the creator Left and deleted all but one picture of it. It fired in a trajectory so the bullet never went where you fired it.

The most accurate, well it depend what you mean by accurate. Some gun have amazing accuracy but lack in power and vice versa.

IMHO the most accurate gun I've made was the ZKAR.

DJ RadioTheFoofinator

Reply 7 years ago

Any gun that lets you shoots finned ammo is the most accurate gun.