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What is the most affordable laser cutter for a beginner? Answered

I really would love to try out laser cutting. ..But have no idea what knowledge it requires. I want to be able to design and cut custom wooden puzzle, laser cut fabric and also to cut felt and foam. I would like to start up a small home business.
Keeping in mind that I have no clue what knowledge it requires and also know that I have 4 kids and will have to have this machine in my home. I do own a silhouette cameo but unfortunately it does not cut felt or wood. It’s a fun machine for cardstock and all…but nothing heavy duty.
So is it safe to have a laser cutter at home with kids?? I mean will the light or whatever that comes off the machine be harmful for my children?
Also how much is the cheapest desktop version?
Will it be able to cut large fabric?
Can it cut 0.5” or 0.75” hard wood?? Would that be pushing my luck??
Please let me know…so I can start saving up for it.
I really really love crafting….but availability of items and affordability is a big issue.