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What is the most reputable, realistic way to sell photos.? Answered

I am not a famous photogropher, but I do enjoy photography and have accumulated a pretty good collection of decent photographs over the years.  I've heard some hype about online stock photo selling, but the majority of it has that 'get rich quick' scam type feel to it.  I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with selling thier photos and would be willing to give me a bit of advice. 
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Eren S.

9 years ago

I would consider copyright. Any photo you take is protected by U.S. Copyright law. Nobody can use your photo to his/her advantage without you..
A-Posting it online or in a public place without a copyright statement
B-Your personal permission
C-Them buying it from you

Otherwise they are considered criminals


9 years ago

And also, if anyone knows, what happens to the... I dont know how to say it, the legal part of that photo that makes it yours after you sell it.  Does the person who bought it now have the ability to sell it as well and post it wherever they darn please?
Hope someone knows...


Answer 9 years ago


What they can do depends on what you sell them, which depends entirely on what contract you and they sign. It's up to you to negotiate whether they get it for this single use or can use it for other purposes thereafter, whether they are paying a flat fee or owe you royalties per use (and how "use" is computed).

Read the fine print. If you need help, or need to generate your own fine print, it's worth considering expert advice.


9 years ago

Technically, if they buy a copy of your photo that's all you are selling them.  They have no right to do anything with it other than have it.  They can't publish it, copy it without your permission.  In the real world most won't know that and most of the ones who do know won't care.  And if you're selling it to them you really shouldn't care either (much anyway).  If it shows up somewhere else then that's where you should have tried to sell it but didn't.

You can sell you photos directly at arts fairs.  I know several artists who make a nice living by selling interesting art, and some of it is photo work.

Some of the on line services are a good place to market your work.  People who are looking for photos are buying them off the net in lots of cases.   Look at the arrangements on the photos site before you post with them.  There were a few who would not pay until you sold $500 or so thru them, but I thing that has gone away.  Most will pay as soon as you request payment.

Check your rights before you post with any service.  It wouldn't be a waste of money to have a session with an attorney experienced in copywright law before hand.