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What is the name of the machine that produce the induction coil for furnace? Answered

The induction coil for funace  that we wanted to make is to be used in power plant , gasification application.
Which mean the induction coil produced must withstand or generate heat temperature more that 1700˚C.

Kindly  assist me on the following:
1) Name of the machine that make the induction coil (with brand, model and specification)
2) Manufacturer or supplier that sell or create this machine 
-Company name, Contact details, Country,website etc.
3) The price of the machine
4) Lead time to produce it

I look forward to receive valuable advice and directions to my question.

Thank you



6 years ago

How many do you want to make ?????

What size tube ? Diameter of coil ?


6 years ago

I call it the same machine that bends hollow trumpets ( tube bender ),
The tubes are first super cooled to prevent collapse during the ensuing
bending process.

To keep induction coils cool the skin depth must be highly conductive
which limits the metal's upper melting point which is well below your
1700°C target.

You will have to use active internal cooling which frollard has pointed 
out and possibly employ an air curtain.

The bending I'm familiar with is not mass produced but under manual
hydraulic control.

Look up hydraulic metal tubing benders for price and availability
of induction furnaces for solid crystal silicone zone refining for
semiconductor wafer production..



Answer 6 years ago

Hi Iceng,

Would you mind telling me in more simple explanation as It is too technical for me to absorb

Could you share with me some links or images so i can exactly understand your point.

By the way, Is the name of the machine call Tube bender? The machine look very complicated and doesn't know whether it fit the one you mentioned

i look forward to receive your advices.


Answer 6 years ago

Fill tube (usually copper) with sand, or water and freeze -- this will prevent the tube from kinking when you bend it.

Wrap tube around a form. This machine is simply called a pipe bender. Add as many coils as you need (the math for exactly how to design the coil will vary based on the wattage, frequency, etc.

Once bent, remove the sand/ice.



6 years ago

The trick with induction coils is you (attempt to) keep the coil cool, and only heat the working material. Many coils are actively cooled to have them keep specific electrical characteristics and/or reduce thermal wear.

What exactly do you want to gasify?


Answer 6 years ago

Currently my main concern is the term used for the machine that produce the induction coil.

As we want to make our own induction coil.