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What is the next game in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII? Answered

After the success of Final Fantasy VII, an entire series about it was made. Starting with the prequel game Before Crisis, a game about the Turks, after that was a movie set 2 years after the original FFVII called Advent Children, next was a sequel to FFVII called Dirge of Cerberus, which is set 3 years after the original game, it is about Vincent Valentine a secret character from FFVII. After that was the prequel game Crisis Core which is about the Zack Fair who weilded the Buster Sword before Cloud. The creator said that the Compilation will continue until the 20th anniversary of FFVII, so what do you think it will be about.


I think it will be a game about Sephiroth's past and his time in SOLDIER leading up to the Nibleheim incident. Or mabey a a game set after dirge of cerberus because in the secret ending of that game Genesis Raphsodos, the villian of Crisis Core picks up the defeated Weiss and says they have much work to do but the creator said that Genesis is trying to save the world so mabey a game about him. Another fun game would be another 3rd person shooter about Cloud Strife's time as a Shinra infantryman leading up to when he met Zack.

Tell me what you think will happen next!


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