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What is the point of the B+ connection? Answered

What is the B+ connection for, if the solenoid is doing the actual current switching, and the controller switches the solenoid? Is that to charge the capacitors in the controller? Also, how is the motor speed actually controlled? Is that via PWM on the solenoid? If so, does that mean the solenoid is mechanically moving a lot? What's the life on something like that? Is it noisy? Sorry for all the questions.



Best Answer 1 year ago

B+ is for the positive terminal of the battery. The solenoid is making and breaking the high current connection between the battery and the B+ terminal, but the motor controller is still doing all the heavy lifting in terms of adjusting the motor current / motor speed control.

The PWM signal is going to one of the small jumper pins on the motor controller (J5). It bypasses the solenoid entirely

The KSI input on the motor controller, basically just tells the motor controller that the solenoid has been activated and that the machine is 'on' (as in, the key is in the ignition).

The solenoid is actually being powered by the KSI toggle switch (or the SPST relay in the Arduino arrangement). The solenoids coil needs 24V to be powered and uses the battery bank to do this, but for all intents and purposes, you can think of this as a separate low current 24V circuit from the one controlling the motor.