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What is the point of the DTV transition? Answered

Why Do all the Televisions need to be changed to DTV? is it for monetary gain or just to further ourselves in technology?



Best Answer 10 years ago

The justification (when the process was started a decade or so ago) was to free up the bandwidth currently used by analog television, so that it could be applied to other purposes. DTV requires substantially narrower bandwidth per channel because of the digital encoding and error-correction capabilities.


10 years ago

In addition to kelseymh's anwer, a mere trace of a digital signal at the outer extremes of the broadcast range can be de-coded and produce all the quality of a full strength signal. Remember, it is encoded, digital data being broadcast. An analog signal diminishes in power and modulation with distance from the source. At the outer extremes of the broadcast range, interference will be stronger than the source and produce a poor, degraded image.