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What is the point to point communication range between two Lora module without Gateway? Answered

practically, the range of communication between two LORA module is 400-450 m in a line of sight case, otherwise there is obstacle between two module (there is no line of sight case), the range of communication vary from 200 to 400m.



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11 months ago

No clue if that is a question you have, a statement you want to make or info you seek....
Very unspecific topic...

Anyway, Lora stand for Long Range and is in fact like a wide are network connection, with all the benefits of it.
No clue where you got your 400m from so I assume it is info from a specific module.
Typically Lora transmitters communicate at distances of several km with no issues at all, about 10km is the limit for line of sight transmission using directional antennas.
Of course there is also specialised equippment available that does up to 15km in rural areas and more with directional antennas.
For our CO2 tank at work for example we have 145kHz LoRa transmitter running on a set of 3.7V lithium cells.
Basically same as the 18650 ones but in a square plastic case a pair.
Companies receive that get the low tank signal is about 85km away...