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What is the supply (MAh) of a 9 volt battery? The draw of an arduino in genral use? And a standerd led? Answered

I was building a fancy arduino supply and need to know the draw from these three things. Can anyone tell me.
What a arduino duemilanove draws (in standerd use) (MAh)?
What a 9 volt battery supplys (MAh)?
What a adverage led uses (Mah)



Best Answer 7 years ago

Arduino, counting during delay function (just the chip with external timer, not the entire board) = 14mah

9 volt battery = typically between 200 and 300ma (rechargables are about 150, Lithium can be around 1200ma but are more expensive)

Average led (diffused) around 7ma. High brightness is usually 15-20ma

You do have some excess current drawn if you have a 5v regulator (highly recommended if you dont want to fry the chip). I unfortunately do not know the value of this consumption...


Answer 7 years ago

On the arduino website it says to just use 9 volt as the arduino has a built in regulator. have got a regulator so I might as well put it in but I dint think that it matters. Also I was going to draw other current so I needed to know how much I had to use. My supply was going to be basicley a fancyer version in a metal mint tin!
Thanks for the help.


Answer 7 years ago

Depends if you have the board or just the chip (I assume you have the board, which would then make my current draw off)
You can use as much current as you need, but the battery will die faster.